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Some of us can't speak spanish, thats how you keep it a secret huh?  You so clever!    
jimmy 20.06.2022 0 22

Progress and Economic wishlist by Country.  A visionary look at the possibilities of countries around the world.
jimmy 20.06.2022 0 22

Nice new article, I'll have to learn portuguese.          Prev   You are here:   Home NEWS BRASIL   Main Menu Home Login Form Username Password Remember Me   Forgot your u
jimmy 24.07.2018 1 1223

Even Bryan Adams still playing live.  Sounds good.
jimmy 21.06.2018 0 1149

Howard Who's   when and where touring?  New music?
jimmy 21.06.2018 1 1082

A HA that band I always thought was from Sweden claims its from Norway near Alesund.  Take on me fame with the Animated motorcycle video, very trick for it's time.
jimmy 21.06.2018 0 1150

STING/SHAGGY new duo album, played at Superbowl.  Pretty good, here's a link to a video.   Sting is kind back to his more commercial style of vocals and lyrics.  Shaggy is best known for Bombastic o
jimmy 19.04.2018 0 1261

Fastball!  New album and 4 shows Austin Area Apr 4-7.  Looks very interesting.  Great band, Fire Escape, The Way, Out of My Head, You're an  Ocean. New Album: Step into Light. 
jimmy 20.03.2018 0 1296

 Airbus has an air taxi prototype.
jimmy 14.02.2018 0 1121

Asia to Europe Freight Service:  China to Poland by Rail.
jimmy 04.02.2018 0 1167