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Global hotspot(100 plus countries).  Automatic connection 4G. Paste or type in this address into another browser to purchase.
26.01.2018 From precisionplay
      Premium Android 4.4 Factory Unlocked GSM(Sim and sim micro slot).
19.12.2017 From precisionplay
Unlimited Talk/Text 100mb data from $19 mo.  $29 mo. Same +4gb data free talk/text 60 countries! Worldwide Network runs on Tmo, same coverage.  KEEP YOUR OLD NUMBER!  NO CONTRACT!  Free Sim $1 for Shipping. Uses GSM(Sim) any standard gsm phone with sim or micro sim slot.  Phones available from $49 month.  800 316 0125  order @
19.12.2017 From precisionplay
High Speed Internet Via satellite.  From $49 mo.  Ideal for locations not served by cable.  Great reliable connection and neutral ISP unlike most other providers. Also great for redundant connection as well.  Available in most continental US.  Call or email for details. 800 316 0125.
19.12.2017 From precisionplay
Mission De Commando Desk Ultimate Command Console for Gaming, Trading, Video Editing, Multimedia, Designing, Autocad, Entertainment Center, Dorm. Fit 3 computers, 6 monitors, 3 printers, speakers, etc all in one desk for multitasking and space savings. $699.00 800 316 0125  832 738 9936  or
26.11.2017 From admin